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Why Your Business Should Invest In A 0800 Number

In today's current economic climate businesses are constantly searching for new cost ways to improve their businesses and are gradually running out of ideas. Freephone 0800 Numbers are fantastic way to beat this; they are extremely beneficial to small, medium and large businesses.

Freephone numbers 0800 numbers are free of charge to the caller. This means that your business pays the cost of all inbound calls. If paying for your customers to call you means that you can develop a substantial number of sales leads and drive up your profits then a freephone 0800 Number is definitely worth the investment.

For any business in a sales environment it's extremely hard to stand out from a crowd, especially if you want to stay ahead. Freephone numbers are one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools available to your business. Research suggests that freephone numbers can generate up to three more times business than conventional numbers. The institute of direct marketing found that the Inclusion of a freephone telephone number can increase response by up to 185%.

Here are some of the most common benefits that a 0800 number can bring to your business:

- A 0800 Freephone number gives your company a national image with the advantage of not being geographically specific.

- Gives you an advantage over your competitors

- Convey a more professional image.

- Offers and incentive for customers to call more often, meaning that you can build a lasting relationship as well as it is the first step to make a sale.

- 0800 Numbers offers a proven way of increasing business and developing customer loyalty.

- Increase your advertising response rate by using separate 0800 numbers on each of your advertisements; you can monitor the effectiveness simply by looking at your call statistics sent to you each month. Allowing you to save money by choosing the adverts that produce effective results based on your call statistics.

- A 0800 number gives the impression to the customers that someone wants to listen to them. It is a fact that a customer who has made a complaint and had it satisfactorily dealt with is likely to be more loyal that someone who has never complained.

Consumers see a 0800 freephone number as a sign that a company wants their business. Potential customers will always ring a 0800 freephone number first in preference to a standard number. They also see a company who is willing to remove the hassle of cost and contact.

0800 Numbers will also allow you to save money, in almost all cases it is cheaper to have a customer to call you on your 0800 number that it is for you to call them on their number. (Especially if they give you a mobile phone contact number) it is also far more likely to result in a sale if they call you when they want rather than you cold calling them.