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Students Unions Advantages And Disadvantages For Students

Many students think that they are alone in college and no one can help them in difficult situations. But in fact, students are protected by special unions who care for every student. Unions include only student-members and accept no strangers. Unions are all about students' collaboration and assistance. Find out the most important advantages and disadvantages of college students unions in this article.

Pros of students unions

Every student in college is a member of student union. Student union officials are also students. Unions are free and accessible to every college student. Here are the core purposes of college students unions:

1.College students unions have been created to provide assistance to students. Any time students' rights are infringed college unions are ready to help. Students unions fight for students' rights and freedoms.

2.Students unions stand for freedom and against any kind of discrimination among or against students. This includes racial, political, religious, social, or sexual discrimination.

3.Moreover, students unions organize various competitions and activities for students. Unions are in charge of students' social life.

4.Another important factor is that unions strive to unite students all over the world. They are concerned not only about students of a particular college, but about all students. United in groups, students unions achieve better results, as a rule.

Cons of students unions

Alongside positive things, there are some minor drawbacks of students unions:

1.Some unions care more about their image than about each student.

2.Some students union members may be biased against various issues and as a result be helpless for students.