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Student Life After Classes Comparing Europe And The Usa

According to stereotypes, student out-of-university life means stormy parties, hard drinking, and joy-riding. Besides, there is an extremely small part of nerds whose student activities seems to revolve around lectures, seminars and public libraries. We tried to find a balance and point out what European and American students consider to be the rich student life.

Entertainment from European point of view

European students have such privilege that the countries of the European Union have free borders. So, a choice of a place to spend weekend or holidays is widened to 27 countries. Young people from all over Europe usually go to one of the numerous tourists' destinations. Starting with browsing around the streets and getting to know a cultural and historical legacy of the place, they usually end up with a party in one of the night clubs. By the way, Europe has an amazing variety of night clubs to choose from, both for under 18 and 21 and over.

Among student activities right after classes sport takes a significant place. Rowing, cricket, rugby and football are especially popular. Speaking about socials, theme parties and discos are what students describe as the most enjoyable ones.

American student life as it is

Dinner parties, quiz nights, cultural nights, and disco evenings appear to be rather popular among young Americans. Moreover, balls are those traditional social events that will never wither.

Sport is also an important part of students' life. Among the vast amount of sports students go in for football, basketball, baseball are of the greatest popularity.

Speaking about spending weekends and holidays, it's obvious that American students usually unite into big companies and go to a riverside or a lakeshore. Those whose location is not far from the ocean are lucky to have a rest on its coast.