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Snia Storage Networking Management Administration Exam (s10-201) - Exam Description Preparation

The SNIA Storage Networking Management & Administration (S10-201) examination will certify that the successful candidate has vendor-neutral information of general storage networking Administration and administration. Validation of the primary ability to set up storage systems, monitor elements of storage systems, restore and back-up files, and uses industry established protocols, standards and processes.

Test Factors

- The delivery route for this test is Prometric examining centers worldwide.

- The examination format is multiple-choice with multiple-responses and/or exhibits where appropriate and noted.

- The maximum examining time allowed for the examination is 90 minutes worldwide and 15 additional minutes for a survey that precedes the actual examination.

- Reference materials or other resources will not be allowed nor made available to the client at the examining center.

- The examination language is currently English.

SNIA Storage Networking Management & Administration (SCSE) Audience Expectations

- Mastery of primary storage networking elements and ideas

- Provides day-to-day Administration and security of a storage system atmosphere

- Implements upgrades and/or modifies storage system adjustments

- Administers and monitors all elements of storage systems

- Demonstrates working information of protocols, standards, operation, and execution considerations

- Demonstrates information of administration and settings Administration resources

- Recovers information at the application and recovery principles of database retrieval

SNIA Storage Networking Management & Administration Exam (S10-201) - Topics to Study

1. Explain and recognize primary Storage Networking Technological innovation Components and Concepts (9%)

1.1 Evaluate how the disk technologies of Fibre Channel, ATA, SATA, SCSI

1.2 Explain Array Technology/Virtualization

1.3 Determine SAS and SATA technology

2. Execute Storage Networking Administration (24%)

2.1 Optimize redundancy within a switched environment; adapt to changing needs and demands

2.2 Explain HBA settings parameters; justify the reasons for each parameter setting

2.3 Determine troubleshooting methodologies and resources within scenarios

2.4 Recognize process to add a configured change to a current fabric

2.5 Recognize results of ISL oversubscription

2.6 Create/configure and modify area sets

3. Manage Storage Networks (21%)

3.1 Evaluate Storage Device Administration to Storage Network Administration

3.2 Explain Configuration Administration Elements

3.3 Explain Change Administration Process (ITIL)

3.4 Optimize redundancy within a switched atmosphere

3.5 Apply steps to add a configured change to a current fabric (e.g., verify that domain ID is exclusive, insure area names are exclusive, back-up current area before changes, validate current admin account has exclusive username/password on new switch)

3.6 Using scenarios, illustrate reasons to add or remove ISLs (Inter Switch Links)

4. Execute Data Protection and Recovery (14%)

4.1 Explain the different back-up and restore adjustments

4.2 Analyze potential back-up problems

4.3 Ensure Fibre Channel Security

4.4 Explain how to recover clustered storage settings

5. Implement Storage Networks (17%)

5.1 Determine the role of bridges and the differences between PCI-X and PCI-e

5.2 Evaluate the RAID levels and execution

5.3 Applying Switch Technological innovation

5.4 Applying Virtualization

5.5 Applying NAS