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How AuthorsMania Will Produce Your Effective Research Papers?

A research paper, sometimes called a term paper or library paper, reports the writer's research findings. Literally, a research paper involves "searching again" through what others have written about the subject. In reality, however, a research paper may take one of two approaches: it may be a summary of information from many resources, or it may be an evaluation of research information.

At AuthorsMania.com, our writers believe that writing a research paper is much like the task of a sculptor who takes a massive block of stone and chisels it into a work of art. As AuthorsMania.com writers gather information and begin to chip away extraneous data, they begin to sculpt their large blocks of research into an artistic creation.

If the paper summarizes research, you tell only about what you read, and the reading may be from a single source, or, more likely, from many sources. On the other hand, if the paper evaluates the research information, it considers why or how and is frequently either a comparison-contrast paper or a cause-effect paper. The evaluation paper requires the use of numerous sources and assumes the writer's ability to show originality and imagination.

AuthorsMania.com professionals do believe that an effective research paper fulfills these requirements:

'Indicates careful, comprehensive reading and understanding of the topic

'Establishes, in its introduction, a thesis to be developed in the course of the paper

'Is clearly and well-organized

'Employs the principles of good composition

'Includes direct quotations, paraphrases, or précis that support the thesis

'Includes documentation in the form of parenthetical notes, endnotes, or footnotes

'Includes a lit of works cited

'Exhibits carefully, thorough documentation of sources of ideas

'Follows a carefully prescribed format

'Is always typed and printed on a letter-quality printer.

The step-by-step process of developing a research paper seems rather direct as it is spelled out by AuthorsMania.com. Be aware, however, that the research paper always requires the following approach: "Rather than completing one step of the research writing process and moving neatly on to the next step, you'll find that you confront problems that cause you either to go back to a previous step or to think ahead to the next step". For instance, just when we think that we have completed all the necessary research, we may discover that we need new information to fill a gap or to add a support. Or just when we think we have completed a sensible outline, we may find that the paper does not flow smoothly given its method of organization. So we go back rethink, reread, rewrite. This process continues until we have finished proofreading your final draft. This is how we, AuthorsMania.com professionals, produce an effective research paper.