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Latest Trends Of Mutual Funds In India

Today there are plenty of investment avenues open. Some of them include banks deposits, bonds, stocks, mutual fund investments and corporate debentures. Investors may invest money in banks, bonds and corporate debentures where the risk is low and so are the returns. On the contrary, stocks of companies have high risk but the returns are also proportionately high.

The recent trends since last year clearly suggest that the average investors have lost money in equities. People have now started opting for portfolio managers who have the expertise in stock markets. There are many institutions in India which provide wealth management services. An average investor has found refuge with the mutual funds.

There have been a lot of changes in the mutual fund industry in past few years. Lots of multinational companies have bought their professional expertise to manage funds worldwide. In the past few months there has been consolidation going on in the mutual fund industry. Mutual funds in India now offer a wide range of schemes to choose.

Mutual funds are turned to be the most preferred choice worldwide for both small and big investors due to their numerous advantages. It's all about long term financial planning. These benefits mainly include diversification, professional management, potential of returns, efficiency and easy to use.

Mutual fund investments carry low risk because of their diversified nature. It is important to understand the benefits of mutual funds before investing the money you really care about.

The size of Indian mutual fund industry has grown in recent few years. India can now boast of having dominance in this industry. The total Asset Under Management popularly known as AUM has increased from Rs.1, 01, 565 crores in January 2000 to Rs.5, 67, 601.98 crores in April 2008.

According to the Association of Mutual Funds in India, the growth of mutual fund industry has been exceptional. This industry has indeed come a very long way with only 34 players in the market and more than 480 schemes.

One of the major factors contributing to the growth of this industry has been the booming stock market with an optimistic domestic economy. Second most important reason for this growth is a favorable regulatory regime which has been enforced by SEBI. This regulatory board has improved the market surveillance to protect the investor's interest.

NAV is directly proportionately to the bearish trends of the market. Top mutual funds also suffer because of the fluctuations in the market. The pooled money is invested in shares, debentures and treasury bills and thus has high risk involved.

Indian mutual funds however reveal this multi-dimensional avenue and all the intricacies in a highly fashionable manner. It provides a lot of scope to understand the scenario and make some thoughtful investments for decent returns.

In order to invest in the best mutual funds, it is important to perform a comparative study. It is important to study about the returns given by AMC Mutual Funds and perform a comparative analysis. Remember, every problem has several researches involved in it, each backed by study.

Some of the top mutual funds in India are: