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Intrust Advisors Independent Financial Advisors For Private Investors

Independent financial advisors are, in many cases, key to personal financial success. Not everyone has the wherewithal to manage his or her own investment portfolio, or the personal wealth to retain the services of an enormous investment firm. For private investors with modest net worth and huge dreams, an independent financial advisor like InTrust Advisors can help set you on a path towards lasting financial security.

InTrust is an independent investment advisor that specializes in ETFs, or "Exchange Traded Funds." ETFs are a type of financial instrument. The value of an ETF is linked to the net value of a bundle of underlying assets. Some independent investment advisors prefer ETFs because they tend to come at relatively low costs, and are generally more tax efficient than other, similar types of investments. ETFs are traded on exchanges, just like stocks.

An independent investment advisor like InTrust can help guide you through some of the more confusing aspects of ETF investment. The stock market is, by its nature, unpredictable (as recent world events have demonstrated). Independent investment advisors utilize their years of experience to invest your money wisely, and this can result in positive outcomes, even in troubled times. (Though you should always be aware that even the best independent financial advisors can't completely overcome the inherent unpredictability of world finance.)

InTrust, in particular, is an independent financial advisor worthy of your trust. The firm has been in existence since October 1997, when it was founded as a multi-client family office. In 2000, the firm offered its first hedge fund product, the InTrust Advisors Multi-Manager Fund, L.P. In the summer of 2007, the firm began refining its Market Adaptive Portfolio Strategies (MAPS), which helped InTrust perfect its internal investment management protocols.

InTrust distinguishes itself from other independent financial advisors with its wide array of different investment options. Currently, clients have five different portfolios to choose from, each customized to cater to certain needs and risk tolerances.

InTrust also offers a unique, fully customizable ETF investment option for high-income clients who need an independent financial advisor that can fully adjust itself to their particular preferences. This is a particularly flexible offering, and is preferred by clients who have the resources to take advantage of it.

Choosing the right independent financial advisor can be a confusing process, because the stock market, for outsiders, is complex to the point of near impenetrability. Not everyone has the time, the resources, the education, or the experience to successfully navigate the world of finance alone. An independent financial advisor, like InTrust Advisors, can help alleviate some (but not all) of the risk associated with personal investment. Don't waste your hard-earned wealth; get investment help.