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Kocaeli University was founded in 1992 with the law numbered 3837.

Before the 17 August 1999 Earthquake, Kocaeli University continued its education and training activities at 9 faculties, 3 institutes, and 12 vocational training schools on its campuses with a total area of 650.000 m2 and in 15 different districts with its 20.000 students and 1.150 academic staff. Our university lost approximately 75% of its physical assets during the 17 August Earthquake, which was seen as the disaster of the century. Despite this great loss, Kocaeli University started 1999-2000 academic year only one month later than the scheduled time and continued its education and training activities in the tents, prefabricated buildings and quickly-repaired buildings for a while

Meanwhile, a search was carried out for a new campus site and in October 2000 the foundations of the new campus were laid on an area which was located 10 kilometers away from Izmit on the Former Road to Istanbul in the district called üçtepeler, and the area, which covers 6500 decares, was named 'Umuttepe'. During the construction period, the Rectorate building started to provide service in September 2004, then in the following months Faculty of Science and Arts, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Technical Education, Faculty of Medicine and Research and Application Hospital started to render service on the new campus. During the last three years School of Health, Faculties of Education and Law, Institute of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Natural Sciences, library, student dormitories and cafeterias, a medico-social building, a kindergarten, School of Physical Education and Sports and an Olympic Sports Hall, an Olympic Swimming Pool were put into operation on Umuttepe Campus.

As of June 2011, Kocaeli University has 1955 academic staff including 181 professors, 160 associate professors, 440 assistant professors, 283 senior lecturers, 178 lecturers, 675 research assistants and 38 specialists, and 1028 administrative staff who work for 11 faculties, 7 schools, 1 state conservatory, 20 vocational training schools, 3 institutes, 12 Research Centres and 9 Research Units. As of June 2010, 60.243 students continue their education and training at our university.

A History Of Office Administration

Office administration colleges are the descendent of secretary, stenography and typing schools, but the story starts earlier with a history of office work training. The profession of office administrator has undergone many changes, from something done exclusively by men, and all work with tools no more complicated than an abacus and quill pen or stylus to work with. While clerks and scribes are as old as recorded history, often being the very people doing the recording, the first modern clerks and secretaries would start their career as an apprentice, while they were still children, and they would be paid so little that it was not usual for them to sleep on the floor of their workplace. Still, this valuable training would help them start a career that could finish as a prestigious leader in business. Over time, labour and education expectations shifted to expect more and more education, while the invention of the typewriter created the profession of typist.

Australian Immigration Cuts Brisbanes

It's foreign students no-more as an immigration policy declared a cut to Brisbane's student immigration to Australia. The country's two parties, Labor and Liberal National Party, have been arguing over which factors greatly affects the continuous increase in Australia's migration. After a long road of talk, they end up with a conclusion stating that the number of international students entering the country is the largest contributor to net overseas migration.

It is a fact that Brisbane holds 80% of Queensland's $2.7 billion international student industry which is a part of an international education sector that generated $18.6 billion in the 2009 export earnings. If we'll look into it, it's Queensland that sets the high jump in overseas students since 2004 “ showing a number of Immigration Department figures of more than doubled from 25,231 to 52,347 in 2009.

Basic Administration For Citrix Netscaler 9 2

Basic Administration for Citrix NetScaler 9.2 protects the preliminary settings and administration of Citrix NetScaler 9.2. Students obtain a knowing of NetScaler functions such as fill controlling, SSL offload, traditional and innovative movement, amount restricting and AppExpert layouts.


Basic Administration for Citrix NetScaler 9.2 is the examination name of 1Y0-A21 analyze. Are you still concerned about the 1Y0-A21 examination and puzzled of the various components and elegant training classes? Internet would be a great help because it can provide you with the across-the-aboard exercise examinations, such as concerns and response, and also the determine description.

Basic Cadet Training United States Air Force

The United States Air Force Academy is located on more than 18,000 beautifully maintained acres, on the East edge of the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado. Each year a new group of cadets are indoctrinated at the US Air Force Academy, at Colorado Springs, Colorado. Much of the Academy acres operates as other military bases, but is unique because the Air Force Academy is both a university and military base. The Academy is set apart from other military installations because it houses the superintendent, commandant, dean of faculty, and cadet wing resemble a civilian university, in addition to the 10th Air Base Wing.

The Superintendent is the Academy's commanding officer, and is responsible for cadet military training, academic, athletic, and character development programs.

Be A Hogwarts Student In Your

Do you want to be a part of the magical world of Harry Potter? Do you want to be a Hogwarts student and experience the many adventures of being a witch or a wizard? Being a part of the magical realm may be impossible, but you may look like them even for a night.

The Harry Potter books and movies gave a different light to the words witch, wizard and wizardry. These are characters usually deemed evil. But being a witch or a wizard no longer sound negative; thank to the advent of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter fancy dress comes with the long and thick black robe bearing the emblem of Gryffindor and a clasp. You can also get Harry Potter's scarlet Quidditch robes. This includes the logo of Potter and his team on the front and a "Potter7" at the back. You can also get a Firebolt broom.

Celebrity Dresses On Academy Awards

The festival of Oscar was held just few days back. The red carpet was the famous event for this ceremony. Almost all the participants dressed up in perfect manner so that to give a perfect look. All of the celebrity dresses were auspicious and perfectly designed. The desire to look most unique and most gorgeous in this Oscar award ceremony is the desire for everyone. The celebrities are dressed up in stunning manner just to be a part of the top news and also to become a flash light in front of the camera. Later on these celebrity dresses become icon for their fans and the love to wear those dresses in the parties. Here is the list of top 10 Celebrity dresses on Oscar Awards 2012:

Citrix Xenapp 65 Advanced Administration

Through this knowing, applicants are able to get experience which will be valuable for them in enhancing their opportunities of success in getting an excellent job. There are many kinds of specialized problems which are set in this evaluation. Through these specialized problems applicants are able to confirm that they can deal with all kinds of conditions in the impressive world.

Control of organizations must be able to use impressive methods for making sure that all the places of organizations are given due medical care. There are many stages of control in organizations.

Through impressive control organizations are able to deal with all the problems in routine tasks of organizations. 1Y0-A22 evaluation is valuable in discovering those applicants who are able to execute the routine tasks of organizations with impressive methods.

College Party Scene Gets

Zach Suchin and Matt Graham know what college students like.

As undergraduates at Emory, the pair made thousands of dollars in cash persuading their fellow students to turn up at certain bars or clubs on a certain night of the week.

In between classes and regular college life, they schmoozed with Atlanta club owners, made connections around town and hustled their way into the high-stakes, cutthroat world of party promoting. They learned the business from older Emory students, first passing out fliers as freshmen before moving up the ranks to run the parties. They'd take home stacks and stacks of $10 and $20 bills for their trouble - their cut of the cover charge paid by classmates to get into the places they promoted as hottest place in town.

College Students Need To Party

The classic argument do you spend time studying more or go to that party? For years, our parents have engraved upon our heads that college is not the place to party. According to them (actually, their pockets), college is the time to rigorously study and prepare for the future. Parents say that you should not party in college.

However, let the confessions of the ex-geek help you: PARTIES HELP YOUR COLLEGE CAREER.

I will make one point known-party for the right reasons, at the right time, and with the all of the preliminaries satisfied. I will share how to effectively party; a mindset that builds relationships and promotes your skills. When you party, you just don't want to get away but you want to get the most from your party experience.

Comboapp Introduces Purely Scalable Education

Vancouver, Canada - ComboApp Educational Publishing and Marketing Agency is quietly reshaping the way professionals experience their educational advancement. By adopting the Freemium model of app monetization, these innovative organizations have been able to offer tangible learning solutions to consumers at either little or no cost “ especially when compared to conventional education methods “ that users are able to utilize from anywhere on their own schedules. This innovation will soon make its way strictly from the mobile arena and onto the World Wide Web via World Academy Online, ComboApp's premiere web based business education hub.

Freemium monetization means that the organization's learning modules will be scalable, and can either be utilized to their full free extent, or even further by purchasing additional premium features for a fee. Applying this established virtual product structure to the educational frontier is a natural decision because student themselves are divided between those who are only seeking a light supplement to their education and those who are interested in receiving a full learning experience that teaches them business skills from their basic foundations onwards. Keeping this in mind, the Freemium model allows for the majority of students to receive the education they want at no cost whatsoever without alienating the minority of students who require “ and subsequently are in the market for “ the type of fully featured learning experience that ComboApp's paid learning solutions offer. Specifically, these learning solutions entail MBA style courses, financial concept overviews, and other business focuses important to aspiring management professionals, entrepreneurs, as well as engaged individuals from a wide variety of other professional fields.

Accredited Stem Cell Banks

More and more people think about a way to safeguard their children's future just in case. Storing the cord blood or directly the stem cells from the cord blood in a stem cells bank is a possibility that more and more couples where the women is pregnant consider seriously especially since more and more newspaper talk about stem cell storage and stem cell banks.

With new stem cells banks appearing more and more as researches on stem cells become more and more successful, it can be difficult sometimes to pick up one that will suit you perfectly.

Those stem cell banks and especially the private ones want to make sure they can be fully trusted by the future parents. As a result, you would see those private stem cell banks advertising on their sites, newspapers or on television that they are accredited by some organizations. Even if being accredited by some public organization is a proof that the company can be trusted, we often wonder what those public organizations are.

Advantages Of Investing In Gold

Gold mutual funds are the best of options to invest your hard earned money in. They offer one a wonderful opportunity to be able to diversify their portfolio so as to be able gain access in a specialized sector and earn a phenomenal amount of interest too.

The way the Gold mutual funds work is that they offer one a great benefit of capital appreciation along with guarding the investor against monetary instability and even inflation. The Gold mutual funds allow one to be able to garner a safe second income for oneself.

The way the strategy for the Gold mutual funds has been devised is that it allows the management to be able to invest 80% of the amount in net assets in companies involved with mining of gold and other precious metals and stones. The Gold mutual funds also invest in by products such as copper and silver. The Gold mutual funds majorly focus on the mining companies that have been established and have been in producing mines since a real long time.

Are You Confident

You would think that a financial professional dispensing financial advice would be required to put their clients' interests before their own.

But according to an article by Kara McGuire, in reality, that's not the way it works. "Today, broker-dealers fall under what's called suitability" standard, meaning they must suggest investments that are appropriate for their clients, but could pick a suitable investment that also happens to earn them the highest commission."

Registered investment advisers, on the other hand, must adhere by the "fiduciary" standard, which requires them to think of their clients above all else, including their own wallets.

Are You Ready To Invest

We grew up in world in which the news about the failure of Social Security is almost as constant as the news about the failure HMOs. We all know that it is unlikely that many people who are currently contributing to social security will ever see the money we've invested into the program.

At least these funds are probably not coming back to darken our doors. This seems we need to find alternatives and end our reliance on the government for a comfortable retirement that doesn't appear to be in the woodwork. For this reason we are seeing more and more people in the twenty and thirty something generation taking matters into their own hands and investing not only for their retirements and the days when we can no longer work but also for those days when things happen and we need to fix broken houses, buy new cars, or pay hefty insurance deductibles for medical care.

Authentic Marketing Invest In Yourself

What is the topic that dominates the media these days? What is it that we're reading on websites, in newspapers, seeing on TV and hearing on the radio?

Even if you only read the front pages or skim the headlines, you know it's all about the economy. Everyone's talking about Wall Street and financial turmoil.

Here's what I know to be true - and this is especially relevant to the past year or so - the investments that I have made in myself never got lost in the stock market crash. No recession can ever devalue them.

What I am hanging onto today are the investments I made in my personal growth and in my business, not the investments that I put in Bank of America or my 401k. The investments I made in my training as a coach, as a marketer, and as a business owner continue to pay off regardless of what's happening in the financial world.

Auto Insurance Brokers And Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are not in harmony with insurance marketers about the focus that needs to be kept on limits of liability in auto insurance. Marketers like to point out the aspects of price and company rating, while financial planners like to stress the weight of of liability limits firs of all, then company rating 2nd, and perhaps price at a later step.

In spite of the fact that financial consultants and motor vehicle insurance marketers have the common objectives of optimizing their earnings while rendering their services, the scope of their action is totally different. Auto insurance marketers make their earnings by selling as many car insurance polices as they can. The marketer does her/ his best effort to make as many sales as doable, hence making small amount of money on too many policies sold. Financial planners work in a different way as they seek to make a lot of profit from each of the few number of clientele they have. Sale of car insurance policy is not the prime concern of a financial advisor, but for him or her automobile insurance is one of the key concerns of the financial planning practice.

Banks And Banking Conversations

Few activities impact more individuals and small business owners than banking. Whether we like it or not, banks play a major role in the functioning of the economy. When their normal role is disrupted, it becomes apparent very quickly. Striking examples of financial disruptions involving banks recently appeared in 2007 and 2008. This was followed in short order by a government and taxpayer-funded bailout of the banking industry.

It is a point of disagreement whether the recent banking crisis is over or whether there has been noticeable improvement in the banking system. The prevailing conclusion is likely to be different depending on who you talk to or which aspect of banking is analyzed. From the perspective of small businesses, it is hard to point to many financial services provided by commercial banks which have improved during the past five years. Commercial lenders have effectively restructured in their own way as much as the automobile industry, and one of the business areas which has been reduced to a small fraction of the previous levels is small business financing.

Banks And Short run Cost

Quick savings refers to cash that you simply repel of your checking account and stash away somewhere close in situation of an emergency or even a planned expense from the not too distant future. This may be a fund for some thing unexpectedly sad like auto repairs, or it usually is for similar to university fees inside the fall if it is only April.

It's hard to set aside cash and pretend it isn't really there, simply put short-run savings fund might need a little fence around it that you only leap in situation of emergency. For many customers with this placement, they are perplexed concerning exactly where they need to hold their quick savings funds.

Banks Retail Banking Services

Banks are institutions that handle a variety of transactions and services that are usually centered on money, finances and investments. There are many different kinds of these institutions such as private, public, savings and investments places. The services that come with them are usually similar to one another with slight differences according to the kind of institution it is.

Retail Services

These kinds of services are usually found in the more common banks that cater to the private individuals and some corporations. The services include, but are not limited to, accounts for savings, checking, money market, individual retirement and current. Other services may include issuance of credit, debit and ATM cards. The issuance of the certificate of deposit and the opening of a credit line may also be part of the services that these institutions may offer their clients and investors. Accounts refer to the different kinds of access that a person or company may deposit their monies and investments in. Savings is the most common one and it may require a lower maintaining balance compared to other accounts. Checking and current accounts are authorized to issue checks and drafts that may be considered as good as cash if there is sufficient money in the account. Money market is an endeavor that earns bigger interest compared to most account but carries some risk of losing part or all of the investment as well. In individual retirement account, the savings of an individual from the government might go automatically to the account where it will earn sufficient interest that may be higher than the average savings. The issuance of cards, including but not limited to credit, debit and ATM cards are the usual service of most, if not all banks. These cards give depositors direct access to their finances in such a way that they do not need to go to the bank to facilitate the transaction. The transaction can be done via the Internet, the telephone or through an ATM machine.

Benefits Of Real Estate Business And Investment

In the domain of real estate business there is no need to be apprehensive as yet for the Americans, are still recovering from the fear of debts which had controlled their finances until recently and it is only with the help of such resources as a low interest consolidation or the best debt management programs that the citizens could finally get respite from the trap of debts. But now when the economy has started to look up from the financial void, it is time for the citizens to change their views about some of the businesses which are capable of providing better returns in the long run. Gone are those days when businesses were looked with greater awe. Though there are persistent risks which are involved with this business, it is of more worth to calculate the advantages of being involved in this business.