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College Students Need To Party

The classic argument”do you spend time studying more or go to that party? For years, our parents have engraved upon our heads that college is not the place to party. According to them (actually, their pockets), college is the time to rigorously study and prepare for the future. Parents say that you should not party in college.

However, let the confessions of the ex-geek help you: PARTIES HELP YOUR COLLEGE CAREER.

I will make one point known---party for the right reasons, at the right time, and with the all of the preliminaries satisfied. I will share how to ˜effectively party'; a mindset that builds relationships and promotes your skills. When you party, you just don't want to get away but you want to get the most from your party experience.

Business people have been doing this for a long time; a host of those with the best skill at this are corporate executives and politicians. In short, this is the right way to party!

Attend parties for the right reasons at all times. It's ok to go "for a mental break'; but I want you to make the mental break effective for your future. You want to attend with the intention of meeting new people. Doesn't matter who---nerds, politicians or party animals, etc.; you want to be social which people from every group. Meet them and greet them. Share your career goals with them and see if you each can ˜build each other's career'. Make great contacts that can be lifetime friends, business contacts, or "I just wanted to say hi" associates. The more people you know, the more knowledge you have possession of.

Another key business skill is the ability to party effectively. Effective celebration achieves the following goals:

· Give you access to people who can give you insight as well as you give them insight

· Allows you to better understand the host/hosting group and some of their core values

· Serve as a platform to promote your abilities to many people who might be interested in hearing about them and possibly need you to assist them in projects and plans

By keeping the principles above in your head; you will be having a great time while advancing your career. Remember that you want to spend a lot of your time in college furthering your career and skills. When you graduate, your just one resume in a stack of hundreds. You overall goal is to set yourself apart from the crowd.

The most important point here to party with all of the preliminaries done. While I used the word preliminaries, I'm referring to scheduling and time management. If you go to a party; have a set time to leave by and keep on schedule. If you get into a great conversation with a person, agree to meet with them or exchange contact info. While this interaction could be career jumping; our number one priority is to get the class work done. If we can do this, then the parents will be nothing less than shocked.