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Celebrity Dresses On Academy Awards

The festival of Oscar was held just few days back. The red carpet was the famous event for this ceremony. Almost all the participants dressed up in perfect manner so that to give a perfect look. All of the celebrity dresses were auspicious and perfectly designed. The desire to look most unique and most gorgeous in this Oscar award ceremony is the desire for everyone. The celebrities are dressed up in stunning manner just to be a part of the top news and also to become a flash light in front of the camera. Later on these celebrity dresses become icon for their fans and the love to wear those dresses in the parties. Here is the list of top 10 Celebrity dresses on Oscar Awards 2012:

6. Emma Watson is a renowned actress who works in Hollywood movies. The actress is on the 6th number. She was in the simple red suit, but she was looking quite stunning and beautiful. She resembled to the Nicole Kidman five years back.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow is at number 5th. She was in simple white gown with the top cap. The cap was in the latest collection of Ford. She was looking no doubt beautiful and striking. Plenty of photos were taken of her by the so many photographers.

4. Michelle Williams is stood at number eight. She was in elegant red frock with a beautiful and expensive necklace. Her looks was auspicious and she was smiling all the time which enhances her beauty during the red carpet of Academy Awards.

3. Cameron Diaz was is fish fishtail strapless which were actually made up or designed by the Gucci. She was looking quite amazing and her looks was innocence which actually improves her visibility. The actress was looking in complete confidence.

2. Angelina Jolie was in daring black dress made up of the fabric velvet. She was looking so sexy by posing her leg outside from her gown. The dress was simply striking and her looks was exactly like a young lady.

1. Natlie Portman was wearing a diamond necklace in black clutch to the polka doted dress, which were looking quite popular and catchy. It was exactly giving attractive looks to the people and actress was looking wonderful. She studied on number first in the academy award.

These were some of the beautiful celebrity dresses, which we have discussed. Such dresses are not easy to get however, these dresses are super enough to adopt.