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Authentic Marketing Invest In Yourself And Your Business By Taking Your Show On The Road

What is the topic that dominates the media these days? What is it that we're reading on websites, in newspapers, seeing on TV and hearing on the radio?

Even if you only read the front pages or skim the headlines, you know it's all about the economy. Everyone's talking about Wall Street and financial turmoil.

Here's what I know to be true - and this is especially relevant to the past year or so - the investments that I have made in myself never got lost in the stock market crash. No recession can ever devalue them.

What I am hanging onto today are the investments I made in my personal growth and in my business, not the investments that I put in Bank of America or my 401k. The investments I made in my training as a coach, as a marketer, and as a business owner continue to pay off regardless of what's happening in the financial world.

In times like these, it's easy to get uncomfortable about spending money on training programs, a team, or marketing for your business - and it may be true that you need to be more careful about how you spend your money. But, it's important that you don't hold off on the important decisions you need to make now as a business owner.

Make quick and confident decisions. Don't get stuck in limbo. Whether you're unsure about a decision to invest in a training opportunity, an event or directly in your business, don't be indecisive. Successful entrepreneurs make quick decisions.

One of the most effective approaches to growing your business - even in challenging economic times is by doing what I call "taking the show on the road."

"Taking the show on the road" means that you actively invest in building an audience - an audience to serve and that will buy from you in return.

My background is in Broadway theatre. We put on eight shows a week. It takes continuity to build an audience. Once you have your niche, your story, have begun to invest in a team and to build your business, you must aggressively seek out an audience.

The more you share your message, the faster you accelerate in building the business.

Constantly ask yourself these questions:

- Where can I speak?

- How can I get my writing published?

- Who can I talk to?

- Where can I volunteer?

- On what sites can I blog?

- What gatherings can I go to?

- Who can I call or email?

- How else can I share my message?

No entrepreneurial vision has ever come to fruition by being kept a secret. You must to take the show on the road.