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Accredited Stem Cell Banks

More and more people think about a way to safeguard their children's future just in case. Storing the cord blood or directly the stem cells from the cord blood in a stem cells bank is a possibility that more and more couples where the women is pregnant consider seriously especially since more and more newspaper talk about stem cell storage and stem cell banks.

With new stem cells banks appearing more and more as researches on stem cells become more and more successful, it can be difficult sometimes to pick up one that will suit you perfectly.

Those stem cell banks and especially the private ones want to make sure they can be fully trusted by the future parents. As a result, you would see those private stem cell banks advertising on their sites, newspapers or on television that they are accredited by some organizations. Even if being accredited by some public organization is a proof that the company can be trusted, we often wonder what those public organizations are.

One organization we hear a lot about in the United Kingdom is the HTA.

First of all, the term HTA means Human Tissue Authority. It is a sort of watchdog that inspects and licenses other organizations that store or use human tissue for research purposes, patient treatment and more like stem cells banks for example. Their main purpose is to make sure that everything is done properly.

When you decide to use a stem cell bank to do stem cell storage, you pay a company monthly, yearly or whatever you agree, to store the stem cell for a period of time. You may wonder what is the point of all that and how storing stem cells from your new born baby's cord blood will help him or her in the future if they fall very ill and contract diseases like leukemia or diabetes.

The latest research in the use of stem cells has proven that those cells can help cure diseases like leukemia or diabetes. It has also been found that the best place to take those stem cells from is the cord blood. And because what we do and what happens to us during our life changes our DNA in some way, the best thing to do is to collect the stem cells at the beginning, thus giving you the best possible stem cells if you need your stem cells when you are older.

By: Wayne Cha